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The HEMEMICS technology empowers hospitals to rapidly identify infectious disease pathogens within seconds instead of days at a fraction of the cost.


Our novel multiplexed immuno-biosensor could provide rapid detection of COVID-19 anywhere in the world.

Rapid, cost-effective and real-time biomarker measurements are essential for quick and effective diagnosis and treatment of emerging diseases like COVID-19.

Existing assays for detection of infectious diseases require extensive sample handling, preparation and time to results – from hours to days.

However, HEMEMICS has developed a diagnostic test platform that can yield sensitive, selective, and measurable signals in response to specific antibodies and antigens in less than 60 seconds.


On March 11, 2020, the CDC announced that it is currently seeking R&D contracts to:

Better understand the immune response and transmission dynamics of the SARS CoV-2 virus

Improve diagnostic testing for COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus

HEMEMICS Is aggressively responding to agency R&D requests

In response to the CDC and other government agency requests for R&D proposals to address this emergency, we plan to adapt our proprietary biosensor as a point-of-care (POC) diagnostic device for rapid identification of COVID-19 via detection of antibodies and viral particles in infected individuals.

The HEMEMICS HemBox™ biosensor system is capable of simultaneously testing for up to 17 different pathogens, using a single drop of blood or mucous. Both the test chip and the handheld reader are engineered for extreme portability, which allows POC diagnosis anywhere.

Delivering results in 60 seconds or less can empower clinicians to test, diagnose, and treat in one patient interaction.

This could spell the difference between accelerating or blunting the spread of this epidemic.

For more information on how HEMEMICS’ biosensor works, watch the videos below.



How HEMEMICS’ Technology Is Changing Healthcare

Results in 60 seconds vs. 48 hours:

How HEMEMICS' Technology Works


Patented Preservative Makes the HEMEMICS “ChipLab” Possible


Our patented HEMSOL™ solution preserves antibodies conjugated with carbon nanotubes on the chip.


This extends shelf life of the antibodies on the chip up to 4 months at room temperature – NO refrigeration is needed.


HEMEMICS’ proprietary platform – protected by 3 issued patents – liberates diagnostic testing from the central lab. This makes it possible and cost-effective to perform tests at the bedside or in the field for nearly instant answers.



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Christina Krute

Director of Research and Development

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Software Engineer


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Research Assistant


HEMEMICS' technology can rapidly transform the $6B blood culture and $20B immunoassay testing markets.

Latest News! 12-11-2019

Hememics Biotechnologies Received $2.5 Million Investment from AMVI Partners

Hememics Biotechnologies Inc. Received $2.5 Million Investment from AMVI Partners

Vietnamese Investors Back Novel Point-of-Care Technology for Rapid Detection of Pathogens

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Hememics Biotechnologies Inc. Received $2.5 Million Investment from AMVI Partners


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